Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions

Rackheath Pool
Agreement to Conditions of Private Hire

For Private Hire of the Facilities, concerning the permitted use by 2 to 8 persons of the swimming pool, at Green Lane West, Rackheath, NR13 6LT.
The Hirer on signing this agreement confirms, both (i) to have first fully read and understood these Conditions of Private Hire including the Emergency Action Plan and Pool Rules; and (ii) to be responsible for ensuring all Users that attend the Facilities are made aware of them, and abide to the Pool Rules at all times.

The following defined words and expressions shall have the following meaning and apply herein.

Rackheath Pool: Rackheath Pool Limited (number: 12197903), an incorporated private limited company, and registered address at 66 Noth Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 1HE. The company giving use of the Facilities for Private Hire by this Agreement.

Facilities: The swimming pool and all associated facilities situated in and around the timber framed and tiled pool house on the premises at Green Farm, Green Lane West, Rackheath, NR13 6LT. To include the designated car park on site, which under this Agreement entitles up to a maximum of 3 vehicles during any Session. Rackheath Pool does not provide or arrange supervision of Users at the Facilities, but the Hirer as a condition of use must ensure the supervisors requirements specified are complied with.

Manager: The personal representative of Rackheath Pool responsible for the usual daily operation of the Facilities that is to be contacted, and notified, by the Hirer in accordance with this Agreement, and any third parties as required. The nominated Manager, or appointed person to act in such capacity, is contactable using the below details that remain the same at all times unless otherwise informed and provided with alternative details.

Telephone:  07940 971 019
Email: bookings@rackheathpool.co.uk

Hirer: The Hirer of the Facilities, whose name as specified below and who must be aged 18 years or above, and whom is recognised as the responsible person that must provide all of their contact details as requested below. The Hires agrees to fully abide by: each and all of the Conditions of this Agreement; and to ensure all use the Facilities is in accordance with the Pool Rules. The Hirer, who acknowledges, to be expressly responsible for conduct of all Users attending the Facilities during a Session.

User/ Users: Any person(s) attending the Facilities as the Hirer and or member of the Hirer’s party, whether to enter the water of the swimming pool and or to supervise from the pool side or otherwise. All Users when attending the Facilities must abide to these Conditions and the Pool Rules without exception.

Session: The prescribed period of time for Private Hire of the Facilities under this Agreement, whether such term is defined to be periodical, regular, or solely for one occasion. Each individual Session is for the period of up to 1 (one) hour in total inclusive of all eventualities. Should the Hirer for any reason fail to sign and return a copy of this Agreement, by post or email, then access and use of the Facilities can be revoked without notice. However, should the Hirer still be granted access/ use of the Facilities then it is by virtue they accept to be immediately on entering bound by all of these Conditions and Pool Rules.

Access Code: The specific access code provided to the Hirer, entitling lawful access to enter and use the Facilities during the Session. To be given to the Hirer under this Agreement and is only valid entitlement to enter for a Session. The access code is changeable periodically and the Hirer (and Users) must not disclose it to others without prior permission. The entrance must not be left or kept open once accessed by Users. The Hirer is responsible for securing access to the Facilities during a Session and must notify the Manager without delay should any suspicion of, or actual, unlawful entry arise.

Pool Rules: The specific rules for using the swimming pool, as enclosed, and that forms part of this Agreement. The Hirer agrees to adhere to all the rules, which may be updated from time to time. The rules become effective when agreeing to this Agreement, and remain in force at the time of the booked Session unless or until the Hirer is provided with any revisions in writing before the Session. Users are to ensure they have reviewed the specific rules effective for each Session for the safety of themselves and others.


Dated: The **INSERTDATE**

Is Between:

(1) Rackheath Pool


(2) The Hirer

And commences from the date of signature by the Hirer or by any other means asserting acceptance in writing; or

If the Hirer fails to return a signed copy of this Agreement, or otherwise provides written acceptance, the Hirer and Users in the party will only be given consent to access and use of the Facilities by virtue of accepting that on entry they are bound by all of these Conditions. In such circumstances, The Hirer confirms all Users for the Session have read, understood and agreed to the Pool Rules, further copies of which are available on site.
2.1 – The Facilities are available for Hire 365 days of the year from 06:00 hours to 23:00 hours.
2.2 – Sessions must be booked in advance by Users, and remain operative, for lawful access to the Facilities for that Session. Rackheath Pool prohibit anyone entering the Facilities unless attending a confirmed Session during which the Hirer is responsible for all persons.
2.3 – Vacancies for Sessions that can be reserved are available via our webpage (https://www.rackheathpool.co.uk/vacancies/ ) . The content is updated when bookings are made and or cancelled, and the date/ time of the latest update is specified.
2.4 – Each Session is for a set period of time 1 for hour, inclusive of time spent entering and changing.
2.5 – Each Session will commence, and end, firmly on the hour. Accordingly, the Facilities must be strictly vacated by the end of the Session or the final Session when more than one is consecutively booked in succession.
2.6 – These conditions apply to all types of ‘Hirer’ (and User(s)) whether periodical, regular, and singular or otherwise identified, who private hire a Session for use of the Facilities.
2.7 – A Hirer using the Facilities on more than one occasion, and who already entered into Agreement and has accepted these Conditions remains bound by all of its terms for subsequent hire of Sessions unless and relevant notice in writing is given between parties to the contrary, whether in respect of amendment, cancellation, or termination.
2.8 – Rackheath Pool may, is necessary, refuse admission to the Hirer or Users without giving reasons and/ or may require any persons to leave the Facilities during a Session.

3.1 – The Hirer is liable and responsible for payment of all fees.
3.2 – The Fee for each Session shall be applied in accordance with the advertised sum at the time of booking for a specific Session or otherwise agreed for reservations that are more frequent and periodical.
3.3 – All Sessions must be reserved and arranged by phone or email. For booking or individual and infrequent Sessions this Agreement will be sent to the specified Hirer (if not having previously agreed by their endorsing a copy of the same), and online payment via PayPal to be provided following receipt of a further email containing the relevant instructions about how to complete the process. Booking of a Session will not be complete and agreed until payment is received by Rackheath Pool, who will send email confirmation to the address provided and which will contain the Access Code required for the Session.
3.4 – Periodical, regular and otherwise frequent Sessions are also arranged and reserved by phone or email. Booking confirmation will be provided and does not require payment to be made in advance. The vacancies on the web page will be updated accordingly.

Phone: 07940 971 019
Email: bookings@rackheathpool.co.uk

3.5 – The fee charged is for private hire of the Facilities and not charged on a per person basis, when in accordance with the permitted numbers for use as per clause 4 below.
3.6 – The Fee agreed between Parties for each Session shall be specified for clarity in the booking confirmation. Rakheath Pool reserve the right to undertake a periodical review of the applicable prices and will notify the Hirer one month in advance of any changes in the amount to be applied for hire of a Session.
3.7 – On commencement of this agreement, the Hirer agrees to provide payment on receipt of an invoice save for single Sessions whereby payment is made at the time of booking. Rackheath Pool will render an invoice for payment for booked Sessions periodically, which ordinarily will be on a monthly basis.
3.8 – The Hirer agrees to settle the invoice by making full payment for total amount due, within 14 days from the date of receipt or by the start of the first session listed on the receipt, whichever is sooner.
3.9 – Payment shall be by cash or cheque made payable to Rackheath Pool Limited unless informed otherwise.
3.10 – Rackheath Pool reserve at their discretion to apply additional fees should it grant approval for Users of the Facilities beyond the usual Conditions herein, such as exceeded the permitted numbers for use (pursuant to clause 4 ) on specific occasions. Any such use only agreeable subject to satisfaction of compliance with its own duties under the health and safety laws of England and Wales.

4.1 – The use of the Facilities is dependent upon the Hirer and the Users observing and abiding fully with the Pool Rules.
4.2 – Permitted Use means the ordinary requirement for there to be a minimum of 2 (two), and no more than 8 (eight), Users during any Session. The Supervision Ratio applies.
4.3 – When there is minimum number of two Users only, the requirements are they must: (i) both be above the age of 10 years; and (ii) one of whom must also be aged 18 years or older and be a capable and competent swimmer. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the age and competency of Users in accordance with the Conditions. The Supervision Ratio always applies.
4.4 – Rackheath Pool strictly do not agree or allow any User to be alone when entering or utilising the Facilities, for any period of time. In particular, no individual User must be in the water of the swimming pool unless they are visible by another User. The restrictions against alone or unattended access and swimming is for the safety and welfare of all Users. Checks will be carried out from time to time, without notice, to ensure this does not happen.
4.5 – The Hirer acknowledges that Rackheath Pool do not provide for any lifeguard supervision, or any such person, to be on duty or otherwise present at the Facilities during a Session. Therefore, the Hirer agrees to be responsible for conforming with these Conditions regarding Permitted Use and the Supervising Ratio. The Hirer is responsible on their own assessment of Users for a Session as to whether a lifeguard is required and is responsible for all matters and costs in connection to any such process. Rackheath Pool is not involved with assessing the suitability or qualification of any such third party, and the Hirer retains responsibility for ensuring adherence to the Permitted Use and supervision Conditions herein under all circumstances.
4.6 – The Hirer expressly agrees to be solely responsible for the health and safety of themselves and Users during all times when attending and using the Facilities, whether during the Session or otherwise.
4.7 – The Hirer, and or person(s) supervising, must have access and be able to readily use a mobile telephone at all times in case of an emergency. The Hirer is responsible for checking such device is fully charged and in good working order at the commencement of a Session.
4.8 – The site location is displayed on the Pool Rules safety signage and should be given to emergency services in the event of an accident.
4.9 – Any damage or hazards caused or identified by the Hirer/ User to be notified to the Manager without delay
4.10 – The Hirer and Users must partake in any evacuation drills or procedures operated by Rackheath Pool.

5.1 -The Supervision Ratio as specified in this part always applies and is a requirement for Permitted Use of the Facilities, which the Hirer is responsible.
5.2 – For the purpose of the Supervising Ratio, a person must be aged 18 years or above and also be a suitably capable swimmer to be defined as a ‘Supervisor’.
5.3 – There must be a minimum number of two Users, which are both above the age of 10 years and at least one of whom defined herein as a Supervisor.
5.4 – No User under the age of 10 years is allowed in the swimming pool and surrounding enclosure without a Supervisor. The Supervisor must accompany children under such age at all times whether within the water of the swimming pool, surrounding and changing area, or otherwise. Those under the age of 10 must not be left unattended by a Supervisor for any period of time or under any circumstances.
5.5 – Solo and individual swimming is restricted. A Supervisor must be within touching distance when supervising persons within the water of the swimming pool.
5.6 – The Supervising Ratios are the absolute minimum requirements, and Users must always check whether further arrangements are required in the interests of health and safety.
1. Under the age of 4 years must have 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor;
2. Between the ages of 4 and 10 years must have 1:2 supervision by a Supervisor;
3. Disabled persons, those suffering with mobility conditions and non-competent swimmers of any age should have 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor.
5.7 – The maximum number of 8 Users permitted at the same time is the total whether within the water of the pool or surrounding area.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that they and any Users of the Pool:
6.1 – Abide at all times by the Pool Rules, a copy of which is enclosed and forms part of this Agreement;
6.2 – Act in accordance with all of these Conditions, and in particular is responsible for checking the Permitted Use and Supervising Ratio is being complied with by all persons.
6.3 – The Hirer in agreement as the responsible person must themselves be personally and physically present at the Facilities during a Session at all times. The Hirer remains the responsible person under this Agreement at all times and cannot assign the obligations upon him to any other party.
6.4 – Ensure they have access to mobile telephone that is charged and in good working order for the duration of a Session should it be required in the event of an Emergency,
6.5 – The Hirer agrees to familiarise himself with the emergency procedures for first aid, fire, and accident reporting, which are set out in detail within the Pool Safety Management Policy document on site. A copy of the emergency action plan is also appended to this agreement. All accidents must be recorded in the Accident Book and reported to the Manager on behalf, by phone or email, as soon as possible and before departing the Facilities.
6.6 – Take all necessary and reasonable steps to assess risks in connection with all Users attending a Session for which the Hirer is responsible including, but not limited to, health, medications, swimming competency, and alike.
6.7 – Ensure adequate measures and steps, including lifeguard appointment, are implemented based on the assessment carried out of all Users attending.
6.8 – Ensure that the Hirer and Users do not wear outdoor footwear inside the Facilities.
6.9 – Notify the Manager immediately of any fault or damage to the Facilities whenever identified and however cause.
6.10 – Ensure that, if necessary, the Hirer and its Users have adequate personal accident insurance.

It is the responsibility of Rackheath Pool to ensure that the:
7.1 – Hirer, and any User(s) attending under their control and responsibility, have exclusive use of the Facilities during the booked Session. This is subject to Rackheath Pool employees, Manager or authorised third party representatives on its behalf accessing the Facilities, without notice, in respect of inspections, maintenance, cleaning or other reasonable reason for the ongoing operation of the Facilities.
7.2 – To provide the Hirer with the Access Code in a timely manner to ensure no delay is caused on arrival to the Facilities to the extent it adversely effects the time of the Session. This does not include occasions that may arise due to failing by the Hirer to return the signed agreement or otherwise expressly assent to it in writing in advance. If such circumstances arise, there may be delay in enabling access whilst checks are carried out with the Hirer to ensure they review and understand these Conditions and Pool Rules.
7.3 – Ensure changing facilities are available for use by the Hirer and its Users;
7.4 – Ensure that the pool is fit for use during the Session.

8.1 – The Hirer is able to cancel a Session without any charge being applied if, and only if, advance notice is provided by at least a minimum of 72 hours before the relevant Session. If notice for a Session to be cancelled is provided within a short period then the Hirer is liable for payment of agreed price for that Session at the discretion of Rackheath Pool.
8.2 – Rackheath Pool may cancel the Session, where the Facilities cannot be used for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Rackheath Pool, such as emergency maintenance, breakdown of equipment or water shortage and alike. In those circumstances, the Hirer shall receive a full credit in respect of the cancelled Session, which shall be applied against the Hirer’s next unpaid Session.

9.1 – Rackheath Pool does not accept liability for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer or Users arising out of any breach by the Hirer or its Users. This does not exclude Rackheath Pool’s statutory liability for any loss or damage arising out of any negligence identified on its part.
9.2 – The Hirer is responsible for all costs incurred by the owner through misuse of the pool or failure to adhere to the Pool Rules or any of the terms of these conditions and agreement.

10.1 – Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other notice in accordance with the rights to cancellation of a Session as above.
10.2 – Any notice served under this clause should be in writing by post or email using the contact details for each party specified herein or otherwise last known and used between them.
10.3 – Where the Hirer is in arrears and payments of invoices rendered and or services provided remain outstanding, Rackheath Pool is entitled to serve notice in writing upon the Hirer requiring such payment to be made within the next 7 days (“the Final Demand”).
10.4 – Where the Hirer fails to comply with the Final Demand, Rackheath Pool shall be entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect and shall notify the Hirer in writing that the agreement has been terminated.
10.5 – Rackheath Pool reserves the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect (including if necessary, part way through a Session) where the Hirer or any of its Users fail to comply with these Conditions or the Pool Rules.
10.6 – In such circumstances, the Hirer agrees:
(a) If agreement is terminated part way through a Session, they forfeit the Fee in respect of that Session in its entirety;
(b) Rackheath Pool has sole discretion in deciding whether the particular Hirer and/ or User is further entitled to attend the Facilities at any point of time in the future, under any circumstances, whether in the capacity of Hirer or User.

11.1 – Rackheath Pool reserves the right to change the Pool Rules at its discretion, in which case it shall send a copy of the new rules to the Hirer using their last known postal and/ or email address if changed from those provided below. In such circumstance, the Pool Rules forming part of this Agreement become effective from the date on which they are deemed to have been served, which is agreed to be 2 days from the date of sending by usual post or from the date and time of sending by email, whichever is the soonest for when both methods may be adopted.

12.1 – I have read and understood all of the above Conditions of use, and acknowledge my agreement herein is in the capacity of Hirer and the respective requirements. I have also received and read a copy of the Pool Rules that are enclosed and form part of this agreement. I hereby agree to be bound by this agreement and to abide with the Pool Rules.


Name: **SIGNATORY**         Signed: **SIGNATORY**            Dated: **INSERTDATE**

Name: **HIRER**          Address: **ADDRESS**

Home Tel: **HOMETEL           Mobile Tel: **MOBILE**             Email: **EMAIL**



Signed:……………………………………………………. Dated:…………………………………

1. Lack Of Water Clarity:
If the clarity of the water deteriorates during a Session all Users must leave the pool immediately and call the Pool Manager.
If the clarity of the water is poor on entering the building, User should not enter the pool but call the Pool Manager.
The Pool Manager will:
• Close the pool for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored
• Call the Pool Engineer
• Conduct a water test
• Check that the plant room equipment is operating correctly
2. Faecal or Vomit Contamination:
User must leave the pool immediately; shower thoroughly; and contact the Pool Manager, who will:
• Close the pool until for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored
• Call the Pool Engineer
• Arrange for the contaminant to be removed
• Conduct a water test
3. Diarrhoea Contamination:
User must leave the pool immediately; shower thoroughly; and contact the Pool Manager, who will:
• Close the pool for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored
• Call the Pool Engineer
• Arrange for as much as possible of the contaminant to be removed
• Maintain chemical levels at top of range
• Add coagulant filter for three turnover cycles
• Backwash as recommended for filter
4. Outbreak Of Fire:
Anyone discovering a fire in the pool complex must:
• Raise the alarm verbally
• Make sure that everyone leaves the building and goes to the assembly point in the car park
• Call the Fire and Rescue Service
• Call the Pool Manager
• Not re-enter the building until told that it is safe to do so
5. Lighting Failure:
In the event of mains failure, the emergency lighting will automatically come on. There will be sufficient lighting to enable Users to leave the Facilities.
The Hirer must call the Pool Manager, who will close the pool for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored.
6. Structural Failure:
If any signs of main structural failure appear, everyone must exit the building immediately and contact the Pool Manager, who will close the pool for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored.
7. Emission of Toxic Gases:
If there is a release of toxic gases, Users must:
• Leave the pool immediately and go to the assembly point in the car park.
• Call the emergency services
• Call the Pool Manager
• Not re-enter the building until told that it is safe to do so

8. Chemical Incidents:
If spillage or leakage of pool chemicals is discovered by the cleaners or by a hirer group, everyone must leave the pool house and/or plant room immediately and call the Pool Manager, who will:
• Close the pool for as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored
• Call the Pool Engineer
• Switch off chemical supplies if safe to do so

9. Accidents, incidents and injuries:
Should any Hirer, User or other person be involved with or otherwise aware of any incident or accident, whether any injury is caused or not, then they must record the matter in the accident book before leaving the Facilities.

The Hirer, User or other person must as soon as possible also notify the Manager by email or phone informing them of the matter and confirming if a record is made in the accident book on site.

If any person suffers, or is suspected to be encountering difficulties, whilst using the swimming pool (or Facilities) the other User(s) must summon the emergency services and notify the Manager, who will make arrangements necessary for cancelling subsequent Sessions.

Users should act in accordance with instructions provided by the emergency services.

If the injured swimmer is suspected of having sustained a spinal injury, they should be stabilised in the water or at the poolside and no attempt should be made to move them prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

All Users must exit the pool without delay in a safe and suitable manner.

10. Reporting:
Users must abide with the requirements set our above in respect of recording all incidents and occurrences in the ‘accident book’ before leaving the Facilities, which must be carried out whether or not any person has suffered injury or was exposed to such risk of doing so.

The Accident Book is located in the Plant Room. Please contact the Manager by the number below for access.

In addition, notification must promptly be given to Rackheath Pool via the Manager, by phone or email:

Telephone: 07940 971 019
Email: bookings@rackheathpool.co.uk

Rackheath Pool, having overall control of the Facilities, is required to comply with its obligations pursuant to the provisions of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (“RIDDOR”).

RIDDOR imposes legal duties, including a requirement to formally submit a written report to the relevant authority where specific incidents occur, which include particular types of accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences (near misses). The legal requirement is for Rackheath Pool to give notification under the reporting procedure without delay, and in any event within a prescribed period of time (days) determined by the circumstances.

All incidents arising at the Facilities must be recorded by the Users and referred to the Manager for Rackheath Pool to consider the matter and if applicable submit a report to the authority as necessitated by law.

(The Pool Rules form part of the agreement between Rackheath Pool and the Hirer. )

The swimming pool ranges in depth, one end measured at 1.05 metres and gradually increases in depth up to 2.1 metres. The temperature of the pool water is kept at around 31.4C.

Rackheath Pool priorities the welfare of all Users of the Facilities, and the Pool Rules are in place to preserve and promote the health and safety of everyone concerned.

The Hirer, and Users under his/ her control and responsibility must adhere to the rules below at all times. The Facilities have a CCTV surveillance system in place to promote the safety of all persons attending the Facility and ensure the Hirer and Users act in accordance with the conditions and these Pool Rules. The CCTV policy is available via our web page and or on request.

• The Facilities do not have a lifeguard on duty for Sessions. The Hirer must personally be present for the full duration of a Sessions, and is responsible for all Users.
• No unsupervised swimming alone by any individual is allowed at any time during a Session, including any part thereof, whereby a User is in the water. Not less than a minimum of two Users, both above the age of 10 years; and one of whom must also be aged 18 years or older and be a capable and competent swimmer (“Supervisor”).
• No User under the age of 10 years is allowed in the swimming pool and surrounding enclosure without a Supervisor. The Supervisor must accompany children under such age at all times whether within the water of the swimming pool, surrounding and changing area, or otherwise. Those under the age of 10 must not be left unattended by a Supervisor for any period of time or under any circumstances.
• The maximum number permitted for use is no more than 8 persons.

• Before entering the swimming pool, Users must ensure they have a working mobile phone and have reviewed the Emergency Action Plan.


These are the specific rules that must at all times be followed by Users when attending and using the Facilities.

1. Users are asked to exercise caution when using the pool if they have eaten within one hour before swimming.
2. The Hirer should have a mobile telephone readily accessible for use in the event of an emergency.
3. No single person swimming is allowed at any time. A minimum of two Users comprising of at least one Supervisor is always required.
4. Rackheath Pool does not provide supervision.
5. Ensure that those who use the pool can either swim adequately or are using the necessary swimming aids.
6. All users should be in good health, and it is their responsibility to establish that the pool, the pool chemicals and the pool environment will not affect any medical condition they suffer from by doctor’s consultation if necessary. Should a doctor’s consultation have been necessary, Rackheath Pool are to be notified prior to any use.
7. A full breakdown of all chemicals used, chemical levels and air/water temperatures can be obtained upon request.
8. All users must shower prior to entering the Pool.

9. No persons under the age of 10 years must be left alone, unaccompanied or unattended at any time.
10. The Supervising Ratio must be strictly followed by a Supervisor (aged 18 years and above with swimming capability):
• 4 years and under – ration of 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor
• Between 4 and 10 years – ration of 1:2 supervision by a Supervisor;
• Other: Disabled persons, or suffering with mobility conditions and non-competent swimmers of any age should have 1:1 supervision by a Supervisor.

11. Infants should wear the correct combination of swimming nappies at all times in the Pool and Pool House. This is to be a correctly fitted disposable swim nappy with the correctly fitted Splash About Happy Nappy over the top. No infant, who requires the use of a nappy is to be allowed in the pool if they are not wearing this combination of nappy

12. Swimming caps should be worn by swimmers with long hair at all times.
13. No diving or jumping into the pool.
14. No horseplay (pushing people into the pool, dive bombing etc.).
15. No running around the edge of the pool or in the Pool House.
16. No hard balls are allowed in the Pool House – inflatable balls are acceptable.
17. No furniture should be removed from the Pool House.
18. No one is to use the pool who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
19. No food, drink, glass, bottles or any breakable items are allowed in the Pool House.
20. No smoking is allowed in the Pool House, Pool or anywhere in the property generally.
21. All jewellery should be removed prior to entering the water.
22. All entrance doors must be kept closed whilst inside the Pool House.

Job Vacancies

We are currently looking for an additional cleaner for the pool. The post is for between 1 and 5 hours a week and includes weekend work. Hours can be arranged with some degree of flexibility to suit cleaners. It is an employed post so attracts holiday and sick pay.  We pay a Living Wage which is reviewed annually and more than the minimum wage.

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